Grow your business through the power of the cloud.

At Digital Sense, we focus on helping our customers reach their commercial goals by harnessing the power of the cloud. Our leading-edge technology is supported by a highly skilled local team who deliver support and services that are aligned to the growth of your business. Our cloud solutions help your business reduce risk, reduce cost and boost productivity through increased agility, seamless scalability and robust security.

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Our history

Late 2008

Digital Sense Established as Enterprise Public Cloud Network Provider

Late 2008

Digital Sense Opened its First Data Centre

Late 2009

Digital Sense Gains its First Cloud Customer

Late 2010

Digital Sense Launches its first Data Centre Grid Foundation

Late 2011

Digital Sense Expands into 2nd Data Room

Mid 2013

Digital Sense Launches Self Service Cloud

Mid 2013

Digital Sense Wins Major Government Cloud Customer Migration

Early 2015

Digital Sense Expands into 3rd Data Room

Early 2016

Digital Sense Releases Virtual Desktop to market

Mid 2017

Digital Sense Releases Managed Data Protection to Market


Acquisition by Aussie Broadband