Easy Microsoft
365 back-up

Comprehensive protection through a single interface in 30 minutes.

Does your business use
Exchange Online, OneDrive,
SharePoint or Teams?

If so, you’ll have a huge amount of data that needs to be backed up, protected and accessible.

Unfortunately, like thousands of other users in Australia, you might be relying on Microsoft 365’s native tooling as your back-up solution. If that’s the case, your business is at significant risk in disaster recovery and data loss scenarios.

Switch to fast, secure back-up
in just 30 minutes

Switching to DSProtect for Microsoft 365 gives your business industry-leading protection powered by Rubrik.

Simply authenticate your Microsoft 365 account and log in to your dashboard to set your back-up and recovery SLAs.

This simple two-step process secures your Microsoft 365 data in less than 30 minutes.

Choose from three pricing models or purchase a mix of tiers based on your requirements.


per user


per user


per user

Switching to DSProtect for Microsoft 365 replaces resource drain with rapid recovery in a single dashboard.
Best of all, you can reap the benefits from $1.60 per user per month.

Beating the challenges of back-up

Implementing a back-up solution for your business isn’t always straightforward. There’s a range of challenges to navigate like:


There’s a lot of moving parts in back-up and recovery. The more moving parts, the more your business needs to invest.


Job scheduling, auditing and compliance reporting all require resourcing that adds to your spend.

Recovery Time

In a disaster scenario, speed is everything. When you need your data back now, every minute seems like an eternity.


How do you achieve the right level of security for your data?


Implementing a fast, reliable solution isn’t cheap.

Overcoming these challenges for Microsoft 365 is simple with DSProtect powered by Rubrik. Take advantage of:


Active in less than 30 minutes with seamless management from a single centralised dashboard.

Predictable Costs

Minimise your HR requirements with a licensed managed service fee based on your selected tier.

Rapid Recovery

Easy location and restoration of files and folders in just three steps from one centralised dashboard.


Zero maintenance growth that scales with consumption.

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    Remember, back-up is your
    last line of defence

    How much data can your business afford to lose before your customers, brand and bottom line take a hit?
    Recovering quickly is a key element to counteracting a disaster. With DSProtect for Microsoft 365 powered by Rubrik, you’ll have one of the most efficient backup and recovery solutions available as a key pillar of your disaster recovery infrastructure.

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