Connecting Customers to Clouds

Bring your users, data and the cloud together with simple, high-performance connectivity solutions that reduce risk and cost.


The power of cloud connectivity without the pain of new technology.

Create a gateway for your data to the cloud.

DSConnect creates a gateway for your data to the cloud. Connect your data to Digital Sense cloud solutions without the pain of changing your technology investments.

With high availability and uptime, this powerful connector is secure, resilient and adaptable to your compliance standards. DSConnect also provides a fully redundant internet service, so that you and your team are always connected.


With DSConnect you can create a high-powered network of interconnected data centres with seamless data transit.

Seamless user and application experiences

Join hybrid cloud infrastructure that ensures your performance 
doesn’t skip a beat

Local upstream carriers

Upstream carrier services located at three locations

Ultra-low latency

Optimised for real-time response

Secure multi-tenancy access control

Enjoy secure multi-tenancy access control, networking and reporting

Connect co-located equipment

Seamlessly connect co-located equipment with 
cloud services

Scale up anytime

Flexible scalability with high performance and capacity expansion

Internet IP transit services

Easy Internet IP transit services from all cloud availability zones

Online portal access

Self-service or guided access for reporting, 
monitoring and data recovery activities

DSConnect Brochure

To learn more, download a copy of our DSConnect product brochure

Connectivity solutions

DS Cloud Port

Cloud Port

Integrate your own networks and co-location infrastructure with the Digital Sense platform using DSCloudPort. Maintain your existing technology investments while benefiting from our cloud-scale solutions.

  • Secure multi-tenancy access control, networking and reporting capability

  • Avoid changes to your current operating models
  • Augment elements of your infrastructure with powerful Digital Sense solutions
  • Dedicated CloudSwitch capability for customers with high CloudPort requirements
  • Scale up with our high-volume capabilities
  • Maintain or increase your performance with local, low-latency cloud services
  • Simple, transparent billing without ingress, egress or other hidden charges
  • Utilise multiple speeds and connection types to suit your needs
  • Use unmetered communication locally within an availability zone

You can also enjoy secure, high-speed connectivity across all your sites by leveraging our partnership with Aussie Broadband. With carriage technologies including NBN, fibre ethernet, and mobile data, you can access best of breed service regardless of your location or requirements.

DS Internet Edge

Internet Edge

Internet Edge seamlessly connects you to the cloud with a module that’s engineered to your compliance, security and speed requirements. Skip the hassle of migration planning and the complexities of application and user experience assessments.

  • Secure multi-tenancy access control, networking and reporting capability

  • High availability and uptime
  • Multiple availability zones

  • Ability to cater to high volume or specific location-based requirements
  • Consistent application performance in a hybrid cloud model

Get connected,
stay connected

The DSConnect network consists of data centres at Kenmore, Polaris and NEXTDC B1 that are interconnected using a diverse 10Gb/s DWDM Ethernet ring.

Customers can access advanced internet services, including:

  • Firewalling
  • DDoS protection
  • Load balancing
  • Object storage
  • Other services connected to Internet Edge

Bring your own infrastructure, or access Digital Sense’s internet edge routing services.

DSConnect supports:

  • Digital Sense provided CE

  • Unfiltered (Raw) Internet with DDoS / Remote Triggered Black Hole using a Customer provided CE
  • Advanced Internet services (including Filtered Internet, DDoS Protection, Public Object Storage, and Application Load Balancing).

DSConnect is provided as-a-service where you only pay for what you use:

  • Charged by Per Mbps/Gbps Unlimited Data or Data Volume Mbps with a peak Mbps
  • Provided on a subscription basis, with 1, 3, or 5-year contract terms available

Technical specifications

Software Components

Cisco IOS XE Software for ASR and Catalyst 9000 Series

Hardware Components

  • Networking

    Border routers at the Kenmore, Polaris and NEXTDC B1 data centres connected to a resilient Layer 2 switched DWDM fibre ring provided by Edge Aggregation switch to facilitate inter-site connectivity.

  • Three internal edge (PE/CE) Routers deployed at Kenmore, Polaris and NEXTDC B1. These routers terminate services for internal customers and provide layer 3 segmentation for the new advanced services infrastructure. The internal edge devices support virtualised routing domains (VRFs) and MPLS to cross site segmentation and scalability.

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