Managed Data Centre Solutions

Colocate your critical data in fully managed data centres for the ultimate connectivity between systems.


Optimise your critical IT infrastructure by colocating in one of our professionally managed data centres.

Get all the benefits of a data centre, without having to invest in your own.

Whether you need more space for your data needs or the speed and reliability that comes from your systems being closely 
linked, DSColo delivers.

DSColo improves connectivity and reduces latency for your business by establishing a data centre presence in Brisbane or in close proximity to third-party service providers. You can also easily add more space to your plan as your data needs grow.

Our colocation services deliver excellent uptime and advanced security that’s expertly managed on your behalf by the Digital Sense 
team. You can colocate at one of our Digital Sense data centres or access space in one of our third-party data centres.


DSColo gives you all the advantages of a data centre without having to invest in your own. From secure physical housing for your equipment to safety, security and service, DSColo delivers world-class data centre support.

24/7 facility

Around the clock service from a locally based team

High availability

Uptime of 99.99%

World-class security

Peace of mind knowing that your data is protected by 
world-class security systems

Dual power supply

Back-up generators ensure your data stays up if the power grid is down

24-hour access

Easy access to your data when and where you need it

Remote hands service

Our staff are onsite to help out when you need

High speed connectivity

Choose the speed that suits your data and your business

Data and cabling supplies as required

We can help you out with the small connectivity equipment


To learn more, download a copy of our DSColo product brochure

Colocate at your choice of fully managed data centres

Our colocation services are tailored to meet your business’s specifications and can be offered in our data centres or our Digital Sense managed third-party facilities.

Amenities at our data centres include:

  • Delivery bay / run-up room
  • Crash carts and trollies
  • Lockers
  • Physical disaster recovery facilities
  • Data cabling and supplies
  • WiFi
  • Car parking on-site

Our range of remote hands services include:

  • Power-cycling equipment
  • Cable patching
  • Equipment installation (terms & conditions apply)
  • Plugging in KVM switches
  • Backup tape changes
  • SAN HDD swap-out
  • Visual rack auditing / checks (no photography)
  • Cross-connect installations
  • A+B Redundant power feeds to each rack

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