Cloud services for the
Manufacturing industry

Boost your operational efficiency with data and storage solutions that manage the high-volume requirements of manufacturing.

Optimise your operations

Manufacturing operations often require large expensive assets and machinery to be at peak functionality for long periods of time. Without the power to run high-function or high-compute applications, your operation could grind to a halt and severely impact your bottom line.

Here at Digital Sense, we understand the infrastructure that’s required to support the high performance requirements of the manufacturing sector and can help you harness the power of the cloud to ensure your business is insulated from downtime.

How we help the Manufacturing industry

Cyber security

Cyber threats compromise financial records, customer information and operational uptime. In addition to remediation costs, the reputational damage that comes with the downtime can be disastrous for customer relations. Our data protection solutions insulate you from the fallout that comes with cyber attacks with tailored protection and recovery.

Improving customer

Seamlessly running the apps that facilitate your business operations require expertise, technical support, monitoring and optimisation. Making the switch to the cloud gives your business the ability to optimise app performance and increase your digital capability at key production and customer touchpoints.


Switching to the cloud enables you to make efficiency gains through automating key processes. Digital Sense can help you reduce complexity and cost through consolidating into one foundation across clouds and build an automation policy at the micro-service level in existing workflows.


Cloud storage enables you to structure your storage tiers in a way that supports your operations. Use analytics and monitoring to act on real-time data. Identify problems and resolve them efficiently. Digital Sense can assist in creating a storage that seamlessly handles fluctuations and easily scales with you as you grow.

Grow through the power of the Cloud

At Digital Sense, we help manufacturers increase efficiency by providing cloud technology that boosts app performance and simplifies processes through automation and smart data management.


Protect your most valuable asset with data protection that aligns with your business needs.


Managed multi-cloud solutions across physical, virtual and shared environments.


Flexible, high-performance secure data storage for objects and files.


Bring your users, data and the cloud together with simple high-performance connectivity solutions that reduce risk and cost.


Colocate your critical data in fully managed data centres for the ultimate connectivity between systems.

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