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Our modular system allows us to create a cloud solution tailored specifically to your needs using world-class software. Our hybrid cloud systems are interconnected, so you can access and move your data easily. Leverage the ultimate cloud services, whether your footprint is physical, virtual or shared, for a seamless experience.

  • Integrate all your digital systems and processes
  • Simplify your IT operations with enhanced automation
  • Get better visibility of your system performance
  • 100% Australian data ownership and control
  • Access upgrades and new features quickly
  • Only pay for what you use with our consumption-based model

Reliability, transparency
and simplicity

Our dedication to safety, performance, quality and reliability creates certainty for our customers. We are always looking for opportunities to innovate and evolve our technology and the solutions we provide to our customers.

We work with you to really understand your business and your needs today and into the future. We are always transparent and we’ll share with you as much of the technical detail as you need.

Our commitment to you is an exceptional customer experience that is remarkable and memorable. And you get the relationship for free.


Pathway to the cloud, giving you the control

Our solutions are modular, totally compatible and easily extendable providing a solution that works now and into the future. We own the infrastructure and can extend to meet your local needs, providing the stepping stones from on-premise solutions to hybrid solutions to complete cloud-based Infrastructure as-a-Service.


Provide protection, minimising the risks

Our data solutions are bulletproof. Technical excellence is non-negotiable for us, providing physical security, infrastructure redundancy and operational efficiency within our data centre grid.  We deliver high availability for mission critical environments, whilst protecting your IP and information. Data security is our number one priority.


Constantly innovate, ensuring the future

Our innovative software defined data centre platform gives you the control. We map out your needs and extend and scale our Cloud to meet those requirements. With our state-of-the-art cloud platform, we will tailor the solution to deliver the best possible outcome for your digital workload.


Service Mania

We are always engaged to provide an exceptional customer experience that is remarkable and memorable.

Evolve Always

We are always developing in all ways from how we engage and develop the best people to how we evolve our technology and services.
Interconnection vector

Technical Kevlar

Our solutions are bulletproof. Technical excellence is our starting line, our passion and our pride.

Crosshair Clarity

We are outcomes focussed, and in every activity we first identify the targeted outcome and nail it down with shared clarity.

Understanding customer needs

We make the transition of data on boarding easy, transforming complexity into simplicity. We work with our customers, providing the strategic knowledge to determine the best possible solution.

We partner with customers as a solution architect, to help them understand where they are on their digital transformation journey and where the most appropriate place is, for data to be held, based on that journey.

We are committed to low risk, low latency, high security, and high performance.

We constantly innovate, ensuring the future is ready for the next digital dimension.

Hybrid Cloud Experts


On premise Solutions

Edge Technologies
Australian based


Customer Dedicated Cloud

DS Private Cloud
Flexible, tailored solutions


DS Public Cloud

Hyperscale integration
Microsoft, Amazon & Google

Cloud Services

Our Cloud

Digital Sense has worked together with leading enterprise technology providers to create an offering that is built on best of breed technology. This enables your organisation to leverage cloud services while protecting your investment in existing technologies, training and in-house technical expertise; it’s all part of our goal to provide you with a seamless cloud experience and enable you to move services freely into and out of the cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud Solution

Digital Sense is a true hosting provider, whether your footprint is physical, virtual or shared, we have a service that is able to meet your organisations requirements. Through our physical rack space and cloud services offering, we can provide true cloud elasticity by enabling a true hybrid cloud approach.

Our diverse cloud systems are interconnected to our diverse provider networks enabling true multi-zone high availability. Customers can move data between their equipment and the cloud through Ethernet (iSCSI, CIFS & NFS) and fibre channel. Just one of the ways that we have made connecting to the cloud easy.

Moving between the cloud

It is important to consider both your transition in and transition out plan with cloud.

Many cloud services providers make it easy for you to move into their services, however, moving out from their services to either another provider or to move services back in-house can be near impossible. Digital Sense makes this easy by using standard best of breed technology that you already know and trust. This is because Digital Sense is a data center provider, not just a cloud service provider; so moving from physical to virtual and back is just one small part of our day-to-day operations.

Our People and our Passion

We employ the best talent in the industry. We are passionate technologists who empower our customers to greater success through digital efficiency. Making ‘digital’ make sense.

Data Centre


Data Center Fire Mitigation

Your data is protected against fire in our Brisbane Data Center, through extensive fire risk mitigation measures.


Superior Brisbane Data Center Cooling

Efficient, safe, flexible cooling of our Brisbane Data Center ensures your systems are always maintained within a consistently stable environment.


Full 2N Uninterrupted Power

Our reliable, 2N electrical system delivers uninterrupted power to our Brisbane Data Center and ensures your IT assets remain online.


Data Center design and specifications

Digital Sense is conveniently located in the inner western corridor approximately 10km from the CBD. Our Brisbane Data Center is built, engineered and designed to TIA/EIA 942 International Tier standard specifications to deliver the highest quality technical floor space.


Mobile Data Center Monitoring & Reporting

Digital Sense provides fully portable data center monitoring & reporting through our Digital Sense Interactive (DSI) application.


Digital Sense Data Center Networks

Internal Networks have been built to the TIA/EIA standard with cutting edge hardware selected after exhaustive research and consultation with multiple vendors.


Data Center Sustainability Measures

Digital Sense's Brisbane data center delivers reduced environmental impact through cutting edge use of technology.

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