Digital Sense Cloud

Digital Sense Cloud Hosting

Digital Sense enables customers to host and protect their workloads within the Digital Sense Cloud or hyperscale cloud providers or both.

Dedicated virtual data centre (dedicated cloud):

  • Self-service portal.
  • Single tenancy cloud in the Digital Sense data centre, third-party data centre, or both.
  • Isolation for customer specific security.
  • Leverages existing licensing frameworks with cloud characteristics – scalability, SLA driven, commercial flex, elasticity of resources, services extension to object storage.

Virtual data centre Digital Sense public cloud:

Enables customers to leverage cloud services built on the latest technology in Digital Sense’s public cloud.


Digital Sense Colocation Service

The Digital Sense co-location service enables customers to host and protect their data in a Digital Sense managed facility, ensuring physical security, infrastructure redundancy, and operational efficiency to ensure high-availability for mission-critical environments:

  • Meets the TIA/EIA 942 international standard for Data Centre design.
  • Integrates the highest standard of 24/7 physical security measures.
  • Provides infrastructure redundancy using a 100% redundant (2N) solutions.
  • Operates efficiently, reducing the carbon footprint using technology such as a free cooling solution.
  • Complete natural disaster mitigation.
  • Portable monitoring and reporting via the Digital Sense Interactive (DSI) app.

Customer on-premise

Digital Sense On-Premise Data Hosting

The Digital Sense data hosting and protection services allow customers to maintain original and backup copies of their data within their organisation’s existing data centres:

  • Customer data and equipment remain on-premise.
  • Offering suits customers who want to purchase hardware, software, or licenses for in-house use.
  • Traditional IT hardware and software deployment.
  • On-premise private cloud.
  • Consultative services.
  • Solution architecture for cloud or data centre transition.

Project services to augment on-premise solution with Digital Sense data protection and disaster recovery solutions.

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